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Shuchu Suru (Converge)

Posted on October 30th, by David in Fine Art, Paper, Shuchu Suru, Urban Skin. Comments Off on Shuchu Suru (Converge)

Shuchu Suru (Converge), artwork by David Owen Hastings

Shuchu Suru (Converge)


Shuchu Suru (Converge): monotype, collage and stitching on paper, 30″ x 20″, 2013, $850 (sold)

This piece started with a photo I took of the metal decking on a ferry. The metal had weathered into beautiful colors: rich rusty reds with a contrasting pale teal. I combined my own monotype prints in similar colors with the photograph, and then introduced overlapping circular shapes that emerge from the background. Lines of stitching tie the various pieces together, and also run across the paper in a wave-like pattern. I like contrasting hard with soft, circular shapes with hard edges.  (Part of the Urban Skin series.)

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