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Netsu (Heat) No. 1 – 2

Posted on October 29th, by David in Fine Art, Netsu, Paper, Urban Skin. Comments Off on Netsu (Heat) No. 1 – 2

Netsu (Heat) 1 – 2: monotype, collage and stitching on paper, 16″ x 12″ each, 2013, $550 each (sold)

This diptych embodies the heat of the earth’s core. My photos of rusty red metal were the jumping off point. I then created a series of monotype prints in the same hot colors, and combined them with the photos and some additional layers of crusty black textures. Delicate stitching runs through, tying the layers together and defying the idea of heat as a destructive force. (Part of the Urban Skin series.)

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