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Kodo (Pulse) No. 1 – 2

Posted on October 29th, by David in Fine Art, Kodo, Paper, Urban Skin. Comments Off on Kodo (Pulse) No. 1 – 2

Kodo (Pulse) 1 – 2: monotype, collage and stitching on paper, 16″ x 12″ each, 2013, $550 each (sold)

I  love the way lichen and mosses grow on wood and stone in the Pacific Northwest. This diptych captures some of my favorite colors and textures, some from photographs I’ve taken and others I’ve created with my monotype prints. I blended the two together in this pair, then added fine stitching to link the compositions together. There is a serenity here that I find very calming. (Part of the Urban Skin series.)

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