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Ichibetsu (Peek) No. 1 – 2

Posted on October 31st, by David in Fine Art, Ichibetsu, Paper, Urban Skin. Comments Off on Ichibetsu (Peek) No. 1 – 2

Ichibetsu (Peek) 1 – 2: monotype, collage and stitching on paper, 16" x 12" each, 2013, $550 each (sold)

There’s something about a hole in the wall that makes you want to peek into it. I combined a photo I took of a hole in a metal panel with images of concrete and a lichen-covered wall, and then added in my monotype prints to create this diptych. The circular hole shape is then echoed by more rounded monotype print pieces. Stitching connects the base grid and then flows over the pieces in a wave-like pattern. (Part of the Urban Skin series.)

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