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Hitotsu Ni Naru (Merge)

Posted on October 29th, by David in Fine Art, Hitotsu Ni Naru, Paper, Urban Skin. Comments Off on Hitotsu Ni Naru (Merge)

Hitotsu Ni Naru (Merge), artwork by David Owen Hastings

Hitotsu Ni Naru (Merge)


Hitotsu Ni Naru (Merge): monotype, collage and stitching on paper, 30″ x 20″, 2013, $850 (Sold by SAM Gallery)

This piece started with a photograph I took of 2 holes in a metal panel. I loved the patina of the metal, and the way the holes seemed like something you should look into. Using the colors I saw in the patina, I created a series of monotype prints that I then collaged together with the photo. The shapes I chose are reminiscent of 1950’s graphic elements. For me, this piece has movement and intrigue.


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