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Domanico Cellars — Barrel Room Gallery

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Show runs through July 15th, 2017



Domanico Cellars
Barrel Room Gallery
825 NW 49th St
Seattle WA 98107

I’m happy to introduce a new body of work in the Barrel Room Gallery of Domanico Cellars. The show runs through July 15th, 2017. Domanico Cellars has a tasting room for their fine wines, located between Ballard and Fremont in Seattle, and nestled inside the tasting room is a wonderful gallery. Wine tastings, glass pours, and bottles of Domanico Cellars’ wine are available for purchase. There are often food trucks in the neighborhood. Visit the Domanico Cellars website for more information, hours and directions.

Odori (Dancing) No. 3, artwork © David Owen Hastings 2017

Odori (Dancing) No. 3, monotype, collage, and stitching on panel, 20″ x 24″ x 1.5″, $1,050

My new monotype prints and collages blend organic shapes, rich textures and of course, stitching. I have been exploring the concept of “paper quilts” more, and you will see that reflected in my work. People tell me the love the peaceful feeling that comes from my artwork, and don’t we all need a little more peace in our lives these days?

Is it fabric?

This is a question that many people ask when they see I have stitching in my artwork. The answer is, no. It’s all paper! I print on very thin papers, creating colors, patterns and textures, then collage them together into my compositions. I use machine stitching to add a linear element to the work, and it sometimes doubles as a way to hold all the layers together.

Is it encaustic?

Nope, but it sure looks like a wax painting. I use all water-soluble acrylic paints and mediums, building up lots of layers and balancing opacity with translucence. The result is a waxy semi-transparent appearance that mimics encaustic painting. I always think it’s a compliment when people mistake my work for encaustic, because that is the look I am going for. Why not use wax? Well, it requires more equipment than I have room for in my studio, and I also find working with acrylics is more immediate and a less toxic way to work.

Arashi (Tempest), artwork © David Owen Hastings 2017

Arashi (Tempest), monotype, collage, and stitching on paper, 31.75″ x 21.25″, $850



Anne Traver Ceramics


After a long and fulfilling career in the mostly two-dimensional world of graphic design, Anne Traver developed a passion for clay. Working within the tradition of the vessel, occupying the space between functional pottery and sculpture, Anne has concentrated on form and surface. Textured surfaces are brushed and rubbed with iron and copper oxides or shimmery blacks in an earthy homage to light and landscape.


Ariana Corrado Jewelry


Pachari Arts Jewelry (“Pacha”=Earth, “Ari”=holy) was born out of a mystical journey to South America in 2001 where Ariana Corrado joined creative forces with other artisans to create gorgeous jewelry using found and foraged objects like nuts, seeds and feathers from the riverbanks, shores and jungle floor.

Ariana’s jewelry continues to be made of treasures collected from far-flung places.  Wire-wrapping, stone setting, precious metals, stones and seeds are combined to render elegant, delicate, yet powerful pieces. She is inspired by a love of the wild and driven by a desire for every woman to feel, own and adorn her unique radiance.


Please visit Domanico Cellars before July 15th, 2017.

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