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Bradford Bohonus: taking photography to a new dimension

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A few years ago, I met Bradford Bohonus through some artist friends of mine. He’s an excellent photographer, and shoots the most amazing 360-degree photos. He specializes in high resolution interactive Panoramic VR Photography for businesses, organizations, individuals and the arts. Besides Bradford’s commercial work, he’s been photographing artists in their studios for a number of years. It’s a personal project of his, and luckily, I was included in his project. You can find the 360 panorama he shot of me in my former Ballard studio here. Looking at this sure makes me miss that great space. (I now have a great studio at home, which is super convenient.) Here’s a page of all the artists’ studios that Bradford has photographed.

David Owen Hastings Studio - © Bradford Bohonus

Me in my former Ballard studio, photographed by Bradford Bononus

I asked Bradford a few questions about his work… here are his replies:

How did you get into this mode of photography?

I started doing panoramic VR photography shortly after Apple introduced it’s Quicktime VR product in 1996. Apple created, for the first time, technology that would enable you to view panoramic images interactively on the computer. I was an internet developer/programmer at the time and began doing it as a hobby. I liked how the technical aspects of VR meshed with photography.

What challenges do you face?

Most people’s experiences with VR Photography are through things like Google Street View, Hotel and Real Estate tours – images done more in “bulk” without the same attention to the photographic and technical quality that is a primary element of the work I do. Getting my work out there for people to experience what the technology is truly capable of is always a challenge.

Can you share any fun/interesting anecdotes about subjects or sessions in the past?

Once I was shooting a panorama outside the Expocentre in Moscow, Russia. Two men jumped up from the benches they were sitting on and came running towards me, talking in Russian of course so I couldn’t understand what they were upset about. It made me very nervous because they were both standing very close to me and my camera and were clearly upset. My translator was with me and talked to them. After some back and forth they laughed, shook my hand, offered me a beer and went back to where they were sitting. I was told by my translator that it was okay to finish taking the pictures, the two men smiled for the camera from the bench they were on. After I was done, I asked my translator what had happened. This is what she told me:

“They didn’t want to be in any pictures because the two women they are sitting and drinking with are not their wives (they were with prostitutes). I told them that you were American and these pictures would only be seen in America. Then they said Great! Show them in America, how we live in Russia!”

What were some of your favorite shoots, and why?

Actually, my favorite shoots are the ones from my ongoing project photographing local artists in their studios. I really enjoy meeting all the artists, talking to them about their work, and capturing them in their wide variety of spaces. I would very much like to keep expanding on that project. World-wide even! If I could handle such a thing finically, that is.

Are you still photographing artists in their studios?

Absolutely! All are welcome!

Here are a few of Bradford’s panoramas:

Steve's Weird House - Future Room © Bradford Bohonus

Steve’s Weird House – Future Room © Bradford Bohonus

Summer Garden - Magnuson Park © Bradford Bohonus

Summer Garden – Magnuson Park © Bradford Bohonus

Golden Gardens - Winter Sunset © Bradford Bohonus

Golden Gardens – Winter Sunset © Bradford Bohonus

Seattle Night Skyline © Bradford Bohonus

Seattle Night Skyline © Bradford Bohonus

Bradford Bohonus in Chinatown

Bradford Bohonus in Chinatown

Bradford Bohonus
Bohonus VR Photography, Virtual Tours, 360 Panoramas
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