change hearts and minds


Works on paper are printed on archival Rives BFK, a sturdy printmaking paper. I collage additional layers of very thin, translucent papers on top of the base printing layer. Frequently, I stitch the top layers with a sewing machine for additional texture and line. I often leave the edges raw, as I like the rough, ancient quality it gives the artwork.

Jujiro (Crossroads)

This piece is all about warmth, in rusty red, burgundy, and orange.
Ichibetsu (Peek) No. 1 – 2

There's something about a hole in the wall that makes you want to peek into it
Nazo (Enigma)

This piece is a bit of a puzzle, with interlocking block-like shapes.
Nerau (Aim) No. 1 – 2

The genesis of this diptych was a series of photos I took of targets, spray-painted on concrete.
Shuchu Suru (Converge)

This piece started with a photo I took of the metal decking on a ferry.
Anraku (Ease)

This quilt-inspired piece includes elements that wouldn't normally be stitched together.
Kodo (Pulse) No. 1 – 2

I love the way lichen and mosses grow on wood and stone in the Pacific Northwest.
Kosa Suru (Intersect)

I began this piece with bands of color and texture.
Ido Suru (Migrate)

A swarm of shapes swim across a weathered crevasse.
Koi (Carp) No. 1 – 2

I often use this elongated oval shape with pointed ends in my artwork.
Ageru (Lift)

Two black figures lift off, floating above a world of texture.
Netsu (Heat) No. 1 – 2

This diptych embodies the heat of the earth's core.
Hitotsu Ni Naru (Merge)

For me, this piece has movement and intrigue.
Kokoro (Heart) No. 1 – 2

The colors for this diptych were inspired by a ferry ride.
Jonetsu (Passion) No. 1 – 2

Rich burgundy, coffee brown, tan and black intermix in this diptych.
Seibutsu (Life) No. 1 – 2

Some of the imagery in these pieces is from metal panels with rust and verdigris patina.
Red and Black Monotype Prints

These small, simple prints are pure monotypes: basically, a painting that is printed.
Kurage (Jellyfish)

I love the transparent bodies of jellyfish, and how they dance like ballerinas.
Sora (Sky) I – IV

These small works on paper play with elements of air, stars, and sky.
Meditation I – III

I used a large sea sponge for the sweeping sumi-style brush strokes in this series.
Linking I – II

This pair of pieces evokes layers of earth and sand.
Hibiki (Echo) I – XII

These small pieces combine my monotype prints and photos, and actual stones sewn to the paper.
Kawa (River) I – II

For these pieces, I wanted to evoke the energy of a river rushing over stones.
Terra + Agua

These pieces play with a mix of colors inspired by earth and water, a recurring theme in my work.
Iron + Earth

The colors in these pieces were inspired by the beautiful red dirt in Kauai.
Surfacing I – II

I used a large-scale sumi technique for these monotype prints.
Ocean Bleu

This commission piece was inspired by Japanese scrolls.

This edition of 12 small collage prints on paper was created for a print exchange.