change hearts and minds


All of the artwork in this gallery is created on high-quality wood panels, usually 2" deep. I collage many layers of thin printed papers, sometimes stitching the papers before I collage them onto the wood panels. The resulting built-up work has the texture and depth of encaustic painting (painting with pigmented wax), but I use acrylic medium which is more environmental and is archival.

Kokoro (Heart) No. 1 – 2

The colors for this diptych were inspired by a ferry ride.
Seibutsu (Life) No. 1 – 2

Some of the imagery in these pieces is from metal panels with rust and verdigris patina.
Yogan (Lava) and Tochi (Ground)

Travel deep underneath the earth's crust, and discover warm, rich hues.
Kasumi (Haze) 1 – 2

Pale greys and yellows create a hazy, dreamy atmosphere in this diptych.
Fujo Suru (Surface) 1 – 2

Looking through shallow water with images coming to the surface.
Suna (Sand) 1 – 3

Grab a magnifying glass and look closely at sand by the water's edge.
Korogaru (Tumble) 1 – 3

This triptych references stones being tumbled by the crash of waves on the shore.
Kishibe (Shore)

The elemental colors of earth and water give this piece a restful balance.
Wakeru (Divide)

The shapes in this piece remind me of cell division; beautiful in it's simplicity.
Kobutsu (Ore)

Hot cinders and molten earth.
Yama (Stack)

A cairn of stones, a tribute to a lost one.
Ukabu (Float) and Kiri (Mist)

Unicellular creatures and particles float through a microscopic world in this diptych.
Tsuchi (Earth) 1 – 2

Rich, earthy reds and layers of movement make up this dynamic diptych.
Konbu (Kelp)

I love the movement of kelp, rising up from the ocean floor and swaying in the currents.
Tamago (Spawn)

This piece is a tribute to the salmon that make incredible journeys to reproduce.
Nagare (Flow) 1 – 2

The colors for Nagare come from Kauai: the teal blue ocean and the rust red earth.
Sensui (Dive)

Sensui gives me the feeling of diving below the surface to see what's underneath.
Arawareru (Emerge)

This piece invokes the feeling of air bubbling up through water.
Kizuna (Bond)

The earthy colors of this piece, paired with pale blue, give it a restful feeling.
Awa (Foam) 1 – 2

These pieces pay tribute to sea foam being tossed about at the ocean's edge.
Katachi (Shape) 1 – 3

The Katachi series explores shape, pattern, texture and value.
Kabu (Curve) 1 – 15

Bright, simple, flowing. The Kabu (Curve) series explores color and movement.
Nami (Wave) 1 – 24

The jewel-like Nami (Wave) series is inspired by the fins of tropical fish.