change hearts and minds


All of the artwork in this gallery is created on high-quality canvas, usually 1.5″ deep. I collage many layers of thin printed papers, sometimes stitching the papers before I collage them onto the stretched canvas. The resulting built-up work has the texture and depth of encaustic painting (painting with pigmented wax), but I use acrylic medium which is more environmental and is archival.

Chikaku (Crust)

This highly graphic, textured piece evokes layers of magma and flames, deep within the earth.
Ogon Futsu (Golden Buddha)

A Thai Buddha sits serenely in a haze of golden light, and is surrounded by a flock of doves.
Josho (Rise)

Layers of rich brown and white rise up through layers of texture.
Saisei (Rebirth)

Expansion and outward movement carry this abstraction, a lotus rising from ashes.
Kodaijun (Ancient)

An ancient Buddha is wrapped in mysterious layers, juxtaposed with lichen-covered stone.
Niju (Dual)

Niju is a study in balance, equilibrium, and the beauty found in rusty surfaces.
Sunkan (Moment)

Earthy tones swim in and out of view in this warm, restful piece.
Ike (Pond)

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by microscopic life found in pond water.
Tsubomi (Bud) I – II

Thai orchids gave me the color inspiration for this diptych.
Shiruku (Silk) I – II

Rich antique Japanese silk fabrics inspired the colors for this diptych.
Shinden (Temple) I – II

Colors and textures from ancient temples make up this diptych.
Iju (Migration) I – III

Fish-like shapes swim through an undersea world in this large triptych.
Fusa (Cluster) I – IV

These pieces play with some of my favorite themes: water, stones, and time.
Ancient Ones I – II

I love how single-cellular creatures are timeless.
Division I – II

I often play with abstractions inspired by microbiology. These pieces are a riff on cell division.
Hoshi (Stars) I – IV

These pieces incorporate images of star charts and handwriting from Galileo's notebooks.
Ishi (Stones) I – XVIII

I created these canvases while at an artist residency at Centrum in Port Townsend, WA.
99 Signs

This series was inspired by retro signs along Highway 99 in Seattle.
Mizu I – III

Mizu I – III was a commission piece made up of three large canvases.
Surfacing III – IV

These two canvases were commissioned for the Alexis Hotel in Seattle.
Water’s Edge

This series explores the texture of water at the edge of a river, lake, or the ocean.
Pathways III (sand, shadow, shore)

The Pathways III series is an abstraction on sand at the water's edge.
Pathways II (wave, crash, foam)

The Pathways II series is an abstraction on how waves crash and toss stones in their path.
Pathways I

I created this series of 4 canvases to fit together into one larger piece.