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Anraku (Ease)

Posted on October 30th, by David in Anraku, Fine Art, Paper, Urban Skin. Comments Off on Anraku (Ease)

Anraku (Ease), artwork by David Owen Hastings

Anraku (Ease)


Anraku (Ease): monotype, collage and stitching on paper, 30″ x 20″, 2013, $850 (sold by Cole Contemporary)

This quilt-inspired piece includes elements that wouldn’t normally be stitched together. I combined my photographs of concrete, sprayed and gouged, with my monotype prints in yellows, grays, black and white. The base is a grid of six paper “quilt squares” and I’ve layered stitching and circular shapes on top to break the grid. I love stitching my prints… especially the feeling of the needle punching through the layers of paper and creating movement through lines of dotted stitches.

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