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Client Quotes

Client Quote:
Samantha Tripoli

Communications & Events Specialist, LifeWire

“David, thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful work on our 2017 Impact Report. We have never been more proud to show off a printed piece before! Our team so loves working with you and are so lucky to have you as a member of our LifeWire family. Thank you for all you do!”



Client Quote:
Anna Lehn

Communications and Marketing Manager, Agros

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with this whole newsletter. I just saw a hard proof today — it was beautiful. And you’ve been a delight to work with.”



Client Quote:
David P. Fagerlie

Executive Director,
RiteCare of Washington

“You did a great job getting us to this point. The new site is a huge improvement! Thank you so much.”



Client Quote:
Kate Murphy MPH, RD

Program Manager,
Hunger Intervention Program

“Thanks again, David, for all your help with our Summer Meals Program. The summer went fantastically! We ended the program having served 4,923 total meals! At our one site that we had both last year and this year, our number of meals served grew by 160%! We’re very pleased and definitely a major part of the growth was having beautifully designed materials. So, thanks again for helping us out with this project. I look forward to working with you again.”


Client Quote:
Lynn Hagerman

Coach & Consultant

“One thing I noticed about your branding work that comes through so nicely:  you are not a ‘character actor’, i.e. you have such skill that you are able to capture the essence of your client, and it isn’t that you take a particular style and apply it to all your clients. It is hard to do and the sign of someone who is really professional and talented.”


Client Quote:
Rachelle Nesta

Former Development Director,
Center for Children
& Youth Justice

“I just wanted to pass along that one of our Board members had our brochure and annual report out on her desk and her marketing person was talking with her about their marketing materials and picked up our stuff and said. “We need something just like this.” Just wanted to pass along the compliment and say thanks again for such beautiful work!”



Client Quote:
Mike Buchman

Communications Director,
Solid Ground

“Thanks so much for your expertise and creative vision!”




Client Quote:
Zan McColloch-Lussier

Director of Marketing &
Community Engagement,
Food Lifeline

“David did a fantastic job on our Accountability Report. It really helps to tell our story visually. We’re getting good feedback on it from donors and agencies too.”



Client Quote:
Laura Prothero

Development Associate,
King County Bar Foundation

“Your professionalism, generosity, and outstanding skill as a designer and business person make my communications work here at KCBF a delight.”